The Big Bang Tidy

By Matthew Davies, aged 33⅓.

HATYM and Uncle Peanut at the After Dark club. Photo by permission (c) Musical Bear Records.

Pete Brookes of Uncle Peanut fame curated a Big Untidy evening of music at the Rising Sun Arts Centre on 14 September. Despite the untidy name of the evening, Pete pulled off a blinder; all the acts worked together and it made perfect sense.

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Smile at the Rising Sun on Tribute Night

‘The Who’ night at the Rising Sun (photo: Zac Yeo)

For 11 years, the Rising Sun Arts Centre in Katesgrove has been hosting a regular tribute night featuring the work of iconic song writers and artists. From David Bowie to Carole King, Depeche Mode to Kate Bush, amateur troubadours and musical all-comers have been welcome to perform their songs without audition or prejudice.

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An exciting 2016 beckons for Katesgrove Hill

Reading year of Culture 2016

2016 is Reading’s year of culture and events are being held all over the town. This coincides with the 25th reincarnation birthday of Katesgrove’s own Rising Sun Arts Centre. Meanwhile, Reading’s growing pains means that the stand-off between development and residents doesn’t look like it will end any time soon, and the struggle between social need and council budget cuts appears to be reaching a crisis.

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