Reading East MP Matt Rodda tries to get a straight answer from Boris Johnson

Reading East MP Matt Rodda attempted to get a straight answer from the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, in parliament on 20 February.

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Government approach to post-Brexit immigration ‘drives a cart and horses’ through families, says Reading East MP Matt Rodda

Matt Rodda

Reading East MP Matt Rodda (Labour) gave a speech during parliament’s UK nationals in the EU debate on 12 September in which he warned that the government’s “heavy handed” approach to post-Brexit immigration could split up families.

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Reading MPs vote different ways on the EU withdrawal bill

The EU withdrawal bill passed its first parliamentary test on the night of 11 September by 326 votes to 290. Both Reading MPs Matt Rodda (Reading East, Labour) and Alok Sharma (Reading West, Conservative) voted in line with their respective parties; Matt Rodda voted against the bill and Alok Sharma voted for it.

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Is east Reading’s MP voting for his constituency?

Cemetery Junction

The MP for Reading East, Rob Wilson, voted in parliament in February to give the prime minister power to trigger ‘article 50’ that begins the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. There was the briefest of Twitter storms at about the same time whether the Reading East constituency had voted to leave or to remain in the EU, and whether Rob Wilson was representing his constituents.

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