This community website is run by and for the residents at the top of Whitley, Katesgrove, in Reading UK, to :

  • disseminate information useful to residents, businesses, community and charity organisations in the area
  • foster discussion and community between them.


  • Articles, comments or photographs from residents in or near Katesgrove, Redlands or Whitley (Reading, UK)  are welcome.
  • Contributions must be original (or reproduced with permission) and unencumbered by copyright concerns.
  • Illegal or offensive contributions will either be deleted, not posted or radically edited.
  • The name and address of every post author must be known by the moderator (the address will not be published and the name can be withheld on request).
  • The moderator’s decision is final.

Data protection and privacy

Photographs or written comments or posts containing personally identifiable data such as (but not limited to) names, addresses, car registration or telephone numbers or pictures of an identifiable property number are only permitted with the consent of the individuals affected. In most cases, the relevant portion of any offending photograph may be smudged, or an article edited, to obscure identification if consent is not forthcoming.

Due to the nature of our website and attendant social media outlets, we have a blanket ban of pictures of children under 16, irrespective of how identifiable the child is, or if permission is provided by an adult.

We do not store contributors’ personal data in a separate database and rely on the security of our service hosts to secure such data as we do have. We do not sell or forward such personal data but have no control over what our service hosts do. In particular, users should be aware that data may leave the UK or the EU (our web host is based in the USA, for example).

Withdrawal requests

If you want something changed, or as a last resort, removed from the website, please tell us.

Strong opinions

Strong opinions from residents that are not likely to result in civil or legal action and that won’t add to human misery are welcomed as long as they are fully attributable.

Posts or comments containing personally, racially, culturally or politically abusive remarks will either be deleted or radically edited.

Boring discussions

The administrator reserves the right to terminate comment threads or posts that may not be offensive but may risk the website becoming a single issue outlet.

Using other people’s work

Articles need to be unencumbered by copyright issues and should be original to the author. Posts that comprise mostly of material from somewhere else (from a political party’s manifesto, or a religious book, for example) may not be published and may be deleted if found. In these cases, it would be better if the author wrote what they think about the subject at hand and link to the referenced material instead.

Personal work

Posts containing a small sample of personal work and a link to a personal website are welcome, but the author should recognise that this website is not primarily intended as a showcase for a single resident’s creativity. The number of such posts from any one individual may be rationed to avoid overwhelming the site.


The site editors and administrators have the right to edit contributed text for content, grammar, spelling, structure or any other reason in order to maintain standards. Contributors will be involved in editing discussions if they want to be, and if time allows.