Thames Valley Police come to the Whitley Community Café on 22 February

The Church and Whitley neighbourhood policing team will hold a Whitley Community Surgery on Thursday 22 February at 10.00am at Whitley Community Café, 252 Northumberland Avenue .

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Council proposes reduction in opening hours at Whitley library

Reading Borough Council (RBC) proposes to reduce the opening hours at Whitley Library from 21 to 18 hours per week as part of a package to save £217,000 by reducing costs across Reading’s libraries.

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Whitley Social Club and Cafe is community centre “for the first time in thirty years”

From L: Micky Leng, Chris Bloomfield, Steve Kirby (back), Imke Wilson (with book, front), Ian Holt (red shirt, back), Trisha Bennett (with scarf, front), Charles Carrington (with hat, back), Matthew Farrall (striped shirt, front), Liz Grugeon, Derek Chapman.

The Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA) elected officers for the coming year at a well-attended annual general meeting on 13 December. Community development co-ordinator Trisha Bennett and funding and finance officer Mo McSevney also explained in detail what the WCDA does and how it has evolved throughout 2017.

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Whitley Library: the architecture of hope

Whitley library

Whitley library was built in 1935 in the classical and confident municipal style of the time, and is a stand-alone building in smart red brick, with a lovely scrolled Bath stone cartouche at the top with “LIBRARY” written on it. It stands on Northumberland Avenue next to a roundabout at the heart of south Reading. There is a very similar library building in Palmer Park and the style does seem to project a pride in civic life, education and the burgeoning welfare state with that glorious dawn of the National Health Service just a war away.

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