Meet your Whitley councillors at the Whitley Wood Community Centre on 17 August

The Whitley Wood Community Centre

Meet your Reading Borough councillors at the Whitley Labour Party Ward Surgery on Saturday 17 August at 10.30am. They will be at the Whitley Wood Community Centre, Swallowfield Drive, Reading RG2 8UH for an hour and a half.

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Meet your Redlands Green Party councillor outside Kungfu Kitchen on 17 August

Cafe Metro/ Kungfu Kitchen hidden behind scaffolding – July 2019

Meet your Reading Borough Green Party councillor at the Redlands Ward Green Party Surgery on Saturday 17 August at 11.00am. They will be outside Kungfu Kitchen, Christchurch Road, Reading for an hour and a half.

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Reading Borough Council’s 2016/17 accounts have arrived at their final destination

Beam me up Scottie!

Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) statement of accounts for the year ended 31 March 2017 were signed off by the auditors Ernst & Young (EY) on 19 July. The RBC audit and governance committee on 23 July was informed of the completion of the tortuous and frustrating process that the audit had become. EY’s audit results report sets out numerous failings in the accounts which mean that the audit report has been qualified.

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Dr Brock delivers a lecture on democracy

Last Monday night’s policy committee agreed to recommend an increase of two councillors, bringing the total in Reading Borough to 48, as part of the ward boundary review being carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBCE). Continuance of the current programme of electing one third of councillors in three out of four years was also approved. Leader of the council Jason Brock took the opportunity to deliver a lecture on democracy and the changing nature of the role of councillors, which is available on webcast.

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Reading MP Matt Rodda says “Cycling should be for the many, not just the brave.”

Matt Rodda, Labour MP for Reading East and shadow minister for transport (buses), took part in the Active Travel debate in Parliament on 9 July. The Whitley Pump called “house!” at the end of his speech, having completed at least one line in any direction as well as all four corners of our political buzzword bingo card, with a bonus prize for the mention of Reading.

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Councillors’ special responsibility allowances increases agreed but with some changes

Leader of Reading Borough Council (RBC),  Councillor Jason Brock proposed a motion to the full council meeting on 25 June to increase councillors’ special responsibility allowances (SRAs). In the motion, the 183% increase for the leader of the council and lead councillors which had been suggested by the independent review panel was reduced to 164% and 149% respectively.

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Leader and lead councillors’ special responsibility allowances set to increase by 183%

Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) independent remuneration panel has recommended significant increases in the allowances paid to councillors, such as lead councillors and committee chairs, who have additional responsibilities. The basic councillor allowance of £8220 per annum will not change. The report from the panel will be considered at the RBC full council meeting on 25 June.

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After Dark night club licence reviewed in advance of the ‘Reading Riot!’ event on 22 June

This week, Reading Borough Council (RBC) will again review the premises licence for the After Dark night club on London Street. At the last review in April, there had been complaints by local residents of loud music beyond licensed hours, alleged breaches of noise abatement notices, and concern from Thames Valley Police (TVP) about drug use and violence on the premises.

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Reading MP Alok Sharma speaks in Universal Credit debate

Alok Sharma, Conservative MP for Reading West and the minister of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), took part in a debate on Universal Credit and Debt on Wednesday 5 June. The debate had been requested by Ruth George, Labour MP for High Peak and took place in Westminster Hall.

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