Reading East MP Matt Rodda asks how leaving the EU will affect Thames Valley creative industries

In the House of Commons on 11 April, Matt Rodda (Labour MP for Reading East) asked Margot James, government minister for digital and creative industries, what effect leaving the EU would have on the creative industries of the Thames Valley.

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Housing, parking, litter and green spaces cause grief in Katesgrove

Katesgrove’s first local election hustings for many years was held at RISC on Saturday 30 April. Topics discussed included local traffic and parking, cross-party co-operation, voluntary contributions to council work, litter and the provision of green spaces, but the biggest issue was the cost, economics and politics of housing.

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Bringing a bit of Brazilian sunlight to a Reading February

Pau Brasil upper storey

Low grey clouds scudding above rain washed streets. People hunched against horizontal freezing rain, scuttling to get home before it gets dark by four. The next time you have one of those bus stop moments where you find yourself giving the far side of the road a thousand yard stare whilst a trickle of cold rainwater makes it way down your neck, take some time out to visit Katesgrove’s tropical oasis at 89 Mount Pleasant, the Pau Brasil café.

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New Local Plan – Land for Development

The site at the corner of Southampton Street and Crown Street

The site at the corner of Southampton Street and Crown Street in 2013

The issues and options paper for the new local plan for Reading has been published for consultation by Reading Borough Council. The consultation was agreed at the strategic environment, planning and transport committee meeting on 24 November 2015. A significant proportion of the document deals with land for development.

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