How Reading MPs Matt Rodda and Alok Sharma voted on the 29 January Brexit amendments

The House of Commons voted on seven amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Act yesterday evening. Reading MPs, Matt Rodda (Labour MP for Reading East) and Alok Sharma (Conservative MP for Reading West), voted opposite ways on six of the seven amendments.

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Matt Rodda speaks in Parliament about NHS staff and Brexit

Matt Rodda, Reading East MP (official portrait courtesy of the UK parliament).

Matt Rodda (Labour, Reading East) spoke in the House of Commons on the evening of 28 January during the second reading of the Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal Bill). He highlighted the problems which Brexit might cause in his constituency  because of the high proportion of NHS workers from the EU.

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Reading MPs Alok Sharma and Matt Rodda vote different ways on the EU withdrawal bill

Both Reading MPs voted on the government’s flagship European Union withdrawal act yesterday, 15 January. Alok Sharma (Conservative MP for Reading West) voted with the government and Matt Rodda (Labour MP for Reading East) voted against. The government was defeated by 230 votes.

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