Should there be a zebra crossing on Upper Redlands Road?

By Els De Mets.

Most parents are familiar with the challenges of dropping off and picking up their children from school. It is stressful getting there on time and finding somewhere to park or, for those of us who walk or cycle to school, finding a safe place to cross the road amidst the chaos.

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Katesgrove ‘mini police’ plan clean up on 27 September

The Katesgrove ‘mini police’, who are students from local primary schools under guidance from Thames Valley Police, will be litter picking on Thursday 27 September.

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Lessons at the Victorian schoolroom at Katesgrove School

By Wynne Frankum

1873 school on Katesgrove Lane

Good better best,
never let it rest,
’till your good is better
and your better best.

This was the Victorian rhyme learnt by heart by pupils visiting the Katesgrove schoolroom. It became our mantra when setting up the Victorian schoolroom. Artefacts and lessons used in the schoolroom had to be thoroughly researched and, as far as the budget allowed, historically accurate.

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How Whitley Pump featured finalists did on the night at Reading Cultural Awards 2018

The big surprise on the night of 27 June was the special award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Arts’ which was won by the Rising Sun Arts Centre on Silver Street (pictured above). For the expected awards, the Whitley Pump had featured at least one of the finalists in each of the twelve categories of this year’s Reading Cultural Awards.

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