Council proposes spending £786,700 on improving Reading’s recreation grounds

This week, Reading Borough Council (RBC) will discuss spending £786,700 over the next two years on improving recreation areas across the town, including Cintra Park, Longbarn Recreation Area and Rabson’s Rec in south Reading.

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Beating the Bounds

Here at the international HQ of the Whitley Pump on top of Katesgrove Hill, we decided to celebrate our first birthday by ‘beating the bounds‘ of Katesgrove ward. This is a walk of over 4 miles around the perimeter of the ward, or as near to the perimeter as can be obtained without swimming or getting run over.

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Are Reading’s Parks under threat because of budget cuts?

Have your say on the future of public parks.  A national survey has been launched as part of an inquiry by the Communities and Local Government Committee to examine the impact of reduced local authority budgets on parks and consider concerns that their existence is under threat.

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