11 December – 8 days at the Berkshire Record Office before 2019

Berkshire Record Office

The Berkshire Record Office (BRO) re-opens at 9am today following its annual stocktake. There will then only be eight days in which to cram in last minute research before the New Year.

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Memories of the paintings at the South Reading Community Centre

by Dennis Wood

The opening of the South Reading Community Hub

The opening of the South Reading Community Hub took place in June this year after the Whitley Library had been moved there. After I attended the opening and told some friends about it, they mentioned to me about the two large paintings that they remembered from their younger days as hanging in the main hall of the South Reading (Whitley) Community Centre and wondered whether they were still there. Although I knew they were no longer in the hall, there were various recollections of these paintings and clearly a bit of research was needed to unravel their story. This is the result with the valuable help of Reading Museum.

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