Launchpad pancake race

Launchpad Reading’s annual pancake race was held in Broad Street on Tuesday 28 February.

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Is east Reading’s MP voting for his constituency?

Cemetery Junction

The MP for Reading East, Rob Wilson, voted in parliament in February to give the prime minister power to trigger ‘article 50’ that begins the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. There was the briefest of Twitter storms at about the same time whether the Reading East constituency had voted to leave or to remain in the EU, and whether Rob Wilson was representing his constituents.

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A year in planning

Reading Borough Council Civic Offices

The apparently relentless drive to convert the area’s pubs, offices and vacant lots into flats and HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) continued apace this year. Some proposals, including the demolition of the After Dark Club and the Woodley Arms, were rejected, whilst others, such as the new residential care home near the Rising Sun Arts Centre, will proceed. The saving of the South Street Arts Centre was a major success in keeping Katesgrove at the front of Reading’s arts scene.

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Katesgrovians asked for opinion on IDR underpass

Users of the IDR underpass between Katesgrove Lane and the County Lock were asked their opinion on Thursday 15 December.

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More name suggestions for Christchurch bridge come to light

Reading's New Bridge

There was a flurry of excitement in the Council Chamber when the winning name for Reading’s new bridge was announced at the 22 March 2016 Council meeting. The winning name was Christchurch Bridge. As a result of a Freedom of Information request, your Whitley Pump correspondent obtained a list of suggestions for the name made by members of the public during the consultation process. This list was found to be incomplete.

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