Alpine Street grit bin threatened in latest round of council savings

Reading Borough Council (RBC) propose to save £16,000 next year by ending the provision of grit bins in key locations across the town, including at the junction of Alpine Street and Elgar Road.

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We don’t need any more student accommodation in Silver Street

The former HSS tool warehouse at 40 Silver Street

Katesgrove councillor Rose Williams was joined by other councillors in unanimously rejecting the development of the site at 40 Silver Street for 62 student studios when Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) planning applications committee met on Wednesday 7 February.

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How many Harrison’s Barns were there?

Plan of the 1643 siege of Reading defences – north is at the bottom of the page. © British Library Board (ADDMS.5415.E.3.)

The heritage antenna on Katesgrove Hill crackled into life when it received a transmission from the Reading Borough Council planning committee webcast in November about possible English Civil War defences underneath a town centre site proposed for redevelopment .

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Book Review – Parched City by Emma M Jones

Parched City‘ was an impulse buy from the Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC) bookshop. The cover featuring the 1859 opening of London’s first public drinking fountain in the wall of St Sepulchre’s Church in the City of London was a magnet for this Whitley Pump correspondent.

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Matt Rodda interview: My priorities as Reading East MP

Matt Rodda with fellow Katesgrove councillors Sophia James (L) and Rose Williams (R) at the Katesgrove councillors’ surgery at Pau Brasil on Silver Street

The Whitley Pump met Matt Rodda, still Katesgrove councillor but more preoccupied with Westminster business these days, in the Global Cafe at RISC on London Street. He explained how he was pushing for things in Parliament that local people wanted and his top three priorities were to fight austerity, fight against hard Brexit and provide more affordable housing.

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