Whitley’s young people make their voice heard at the WCDA AGM

Ian Holt, WCDA chair

The Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA) held a well-attended annual general meeting at the Whitley Social Club and Café on 9 February. Two students from the John Madejski Academy (JMA) told the WCDA how they helped discover some of the aspirations of Whitley’s young people.

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Reading University may fund new PCSOs to deal with student misbehaviour

Reading University hosted its second community forum at the Chancellor’s building on their Whiteknights campus on 29 January. An estimated 60 people attended the forum. They complained about the anti-social behaviour of university students which included late-night noise and drunkenness, public urination, property damage and intimidation.

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A Labour government would bring 10,000 new police officers, says Councillor James

Sophia James, Matt Rodda and Rose Williams October 2017

At Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) full council meeting on 22 January, Katesgrove councillor Sophia James praised Thames Valley Police (TVP) for their efforts in keeping violence down in Reading despite central government funding cuts, promising 10,000 more police officers if the Labour Party got into government.

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‘A Christmas Carol’ at the South Street Arts Centre

The ghost of Christmas present from RBL’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. Photo: VIVA photography.

The Reading Between the Lines theatre group is performing Anna Wheatley’s version of A Christmas Carol at Katesgrove’s South Street Arts Centre throughout December. Charles Dickens’ classic novel about a diligent entrepreneur driven to emotional collapse by the health problems of his employee’s children now includes some blindingly good puppetry, several terrific song-and-dance numbers, and a lot more comedy.

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Ventriloquising the silence in the Great Hall

Hampus Lindwall playing the organ in Reading University’s Great Hall. Photo: Sue Beckett

Every time I hear the excited phrase on BBC Radio 3 ”and now, the world premiere of…” I suspect there’s a good reason the piece had never been previously broadcast. So, I was a little nervous at spending 70 minutes at an experimental organ recital at Reading University’s Great Hall called Redundant as eyelids in absence of light on 15 November. But Sue Beckett and I rather enjoyed it, in a baffled, we’re-only-from-Reading-what-the-hell-is-going-on sort of way.

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