Is east Reading’s MP voting for his constituency?

The MP for Reading East, Rob Wilson, voted in parliament in February to give the prime minister power to trigger ‘article 50’ that begins the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. There was the briefest of Twitter storms at about the same time whether the Reading East constituency had voted to leave or to remain in … Continue reading Is east Reading’s MP voting for his constituency?

The year on Katesgrove Hill

Some years are defined by great songs, some by great personalities, some by great tragedies. This year has been alarming both nationally and internationally, but on the oft-ignored local level, the year was defined by the sound of the tide going out on civic society. The world clearly has bigger problems than the damage wrought by the tortured thrashing … Continue reading The year on Katesgrove Hill


The Whitley Pump is a community website and an unincorporated association run for and by the residents and businesses on Katesgrove Hill, Reading, UK. It is not affiliated to or funded by Reading Borough Council, the Katesgrove Community Association or any other organisation. It is currently run and funded by volunteers. This is the area we … Continue reading About