Two years on, what has changed on the scenic route to the Madejski Stadium?

Sustrans signpost on Waterloo Meadows

Reading were at home to Sheffield Wednesday for their first game of the 2018/19 season. It was a fine day, so we decided to see what had changed since 2017 on the scenic cross-country route from the Whitley Pump to the Madejski Stadium.

This timeless route by the side of the canal and across the fields has not seen many changes in the last two years.

The lamp post numbering has reached the canal with number 11117 standing on the path next to the A33 relief road over the Kennet.

The most significant differences were between Island Road and Green Park. The staff who check your passport at the recycling centre to make sure you aren’t smuggling in contraband rubble, soil and plasterboard, now have a hut rather than the ad hoc arrangement out on the road.

The footpath to the side of the dump has extra barriers at each end to prevent unwanted access to the footpath, and the path itself has become very overgrown.

As you emerge back into the twenty-first century landscaped luxury of Green Park you notice that, almost imperceptibly, the housing development of Green Park Village has progressed.

The walk was the best part of the afternoon; we won’t talk about the result of the match.

  1. The scenic route from the Whtley Pump to the Madejski Stadium
  2. Reading FC
  3. Re3 Smallmead Recycling Centre
  4. Green Park
  5. Green Park Village

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