Excavations well underway at 62-68 Silver Street

David Sanchez of Thames Valley Archaeological Services

Archaeological excavations are underway at 62-68 Silver Street in Katesgrove, next door to where mediaeval tileries were discovered earlier this year. David Sanchez of Thames Valley Archaeological Services told the Whitley Pump that there were new discoveries on this site. They had found evidence of metalworking and four layers of occupation: modern, Victorian, seventeenth century and mediaeval.

So far no new kilns have been discovered but similar tiles have been found revealing a relationship across the two sites. The final area to be worked on will be the extreme northern edge of the site which is on the boundary with the tile kilns documented at 40 Silver Street.

62-68 Silver Street excavations with 40 Silver Street in the background

Siege of Reading defences from the English Civil War (1642-1651) were expected to be uncovered in the area but they still remain elusive.

Work will continue for the next two to three weeks.

  1. Mediaeval tile kilns found on Silver Street
  2. Thames Valley Archaeological Services
  3. TVAS information sheets about 40 Silver Street – (1) & (2)
  4. 62-68 Silver Street demolition underway

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