Katesgrove Lane underpass cleaned up!

By Christine Lalley, Katesgrove Community Association environmental officer.

Katesgrove IDR underpass clean-up, June 2019. Picture courtesy of Katesgrove Labour

On Saturday 21 June, a dedicated bunch of people from Katesgrove Community Association (KCA) turned out to tidy up the underpass by the old Hook and Tackle Pub, now known as the Namaste Kitchen, on Katesgrove Lane.

The underpass is used by huge numbers of people, but it isn’t always treated with respect and suffers from graffiti, litter and weeds. Unfortunately, in the past, the tiles were treated by Reading Borough Council with anti-graffiti varnish which has now become part of the problem. The dirt catches in the varnish and, despite our valiant effort at scrubbing the tiles, there isn’t a huge difference to be seen, but we managed to collect litter and remove weeds.

Just as important was the visible expression of people caring for their neighbourhood, as was spreading the word about the Katesgrove Community Association.

All three Katesgrove councillors came to help out, as did our local PCSO. The owners of the Namaste Kitchen very kindly provided refreshments for this hot day.

  1. Katesgrove Community Association website and Facebook page
  2. Katesgrove Labour Facebook page
  3. Reading Borough Council and councillors
  4. Thames Valley Police Katesgrove neighbourhood policing team

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