Demolition of ‘Brown Signs’ building on Silver Street in pictures

Brown Signs – 12 June 2019

Demolition of the ‘Brown Signs’ building, formerly Fairway Press, on Silver Street has now been completed. By the afternoon of 12 June the only remaining trace was the very large orange demolition digger on site.

Berkshire Archaeology specified in their response to the application to demolish the building that further excavations on the site should be under archaeological supervision. This is because of the important remains of medieval tile kilns found at the adjacent site of 40 Silver Street.

Thames Valley Archaeological Services are expected to undertake the investigation in the coming months. No trace remains of the dig next door as the site has been filled in, levelled and is covered with portacabins for the construction team at 79 Silver Street opposite.

The ochre ‘Brown Signs’ building has been a landmark on Silver Street for decades and there is now a proposal to replace it and the adjacent warehouse site with student accommodation.

Fairway Press on Silver Street and the Greyhound on Mount Pleasant in the 1970s – © Terry Allsop

  1. Application for prior notice of demolition 62-68 Silver Street 190242
  2. 40 Silver Street (and 62-68) application for student accommodation 190449
  3. Mediaeval tile kilns found on Silver Street
  4. J Mould demolition
  5. Thames Valley Archaeological Services (TVAS)
  6. TVAS information boards on results of Silver Street dig

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