How Reading MPs Matt Rodda and Alok Sharma voted on the 29 January Brexit amendments

The House of Commons voted on seven amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Act yesterday evening. Reading MPs, Matt Rodda (Labour MP for Reading East) and Alok Sharma (Conservative MP for Reading West), voted opposite ways on six of the seven amendments.

In common with all but one of his fellow Labour MPs, Matt Rodda did not vote on the Blackford amendment for an extension of the Article 50 negotiating period beyond 29 March.

The votes took place at the end of a debate on section 13 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

Bill and division Matt Rodda Alok Sharma Ayes Noes Result
(Withdrawal) Act Section 13 Amdt (a) – Corbyn
Division 307, (29 January)
aye no 296 327 no
(Withdrawal) Act Section 13 Amdt (o) – Blackford
Division 308, (29 January)
no 39 327 aye
(Withdrawal) Act Section 13 Amdt (g) – Grieve
Division 309, (29 January)
aye no 301 321 no
(Withdrawal) Act Section 13 Amdt (b) – Cooper
Division 310, (29 January)
aye no 298 321 no
(Withdrawal) Act Section 13 Amdt (j) – Reeves
Division 311, (29 January)
aye no 290 322 no
(Withdrawal) Act Section 13 Amdt (i) – Spelman
Division 312, (29 January)
aye no 318 310 aye
(Withdrawal) Act Section 13 Amdt (n) – Brady
Division 313, (29 January)
no aye 317 301 aye

The Spelman (reject a no deal Brexit) and Brady (alternative arrangements to replace the backstop) amendments were approved. Details of all the amendments, including those which were not considered during the debate can be found on the House of Commons Order Paper.

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