Matt Rodda speaks in Parliament about NHS staff and Brexit

Matt Rodda, Reading East MP (official portrait courtesy of the UK parliament).

Matt Rodda (Labour, Reading East) spoke in the House of Commons on the evening of 28 January during the second reading of the Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal Bill). He highlighted the problems which Brexit might cause in his constituency  because of the high proportion of NHS workers from the EU.

Matt Rodda’s intervention came during the concluding remarks of Catherine West MP (Labour, Hornsey and Wood Green, in north London) who said [at 9.33pm]:

The other huge sector is the NHS, which many members mentioned. My own hospital, the Whittington hospital in the west of my constituency, which most of my constituents use, has a 12% to 15% vacancy rate, put down almost entirely to fears over Brexit and uncertainty.

Matt Rodda then said:

We have exactly the same issue in my constituency. We have a very large number of NHS workers from the EU who make a significant contribution to our local community. I am grateful to my honourable friend for raising that point and I fully concur. I also support the point she makes about key industries. There are a whole range of other industries in west London and the Thames valley, including IT.

Catherine West responded with a mention of the issues also faced by universities:

My honourable friend represents an area with a university. So many universities have contacted members [of parliament] with concerns relating to science and technology. The fact is that many people coming through—perhaps not top professors, but people who are technicians or those coming over on the PhD route—may not be earning the £30,000 that the Bill would require of them.

The second reading of the bill was passed 297 to 234 with Alok Sharma (Conservative, Reading West) voting for and Matt Rodda against. The bill will now continue to the committee stage.

The debate started at 16:55 and it can be viewed on Parliament TV.

In December, Matt Rodda also spoke in the Leaving the EU: No Deal debate about the difficulties that the Royal Berkshire Hospital might face and called upon the government to reject a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

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