The Katesgrove Community Association gets a new chairperson

The Katesgrove Community Association (KCA) elected Jeanette Searle as its new chair on 9 January.

The KCA also elected Ellie Rapley as secretary, Christine Lalley as environmental officer and Maaike Hartog as events officer at their annual general meeting, which was held at the Waterloo Meadows children’s centre, off Elgar Road in Reading. A further six attendees were elected officers of the KCA.

“We need to try to get more people involved in the community,” said Jeannette Searle, who has lived in Katesgrove for a couple of years since moving from Caversham. “Where I grew up, you could leave your front door key in the door and you knew all your neighbours, and here we don’t have such a community spirit. I think we need to help and look after each other more. I think people are sometimes afraid to talk to each other.”

The KCA are still looking for a treasurer and vice-chair. If you live in Katesgrove ward and would like to get involved with the community group, you can contact them via email at or visit their website.

Katesgrove ward (via Google Maps)

  1. Katesgrove Community Association website and Facebook page
  2. Nominations open for KCA committee

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