Little Owl pre-school on Northcourt Avenue ‘requires improvement’

The English office for standards in education, children’s services and skills, Ofsted, published a report on the the Little Owl pre-school on Northcourt Avenue, Reading on 3 January, saying that that it ‘requires improvement.’

Ofsted made their inspection on 12 December, describing the pre-school thus:

It operates from Reading Scout and Guide Headquarters, in Reading. [It] employs nine members of staff, seven of whom work directly with the children, and of these five have an appropriate early years qualification and two are working towards a qualification.

The pre-school opens during term-time only from 9.30am until 12.30pm weekdays with the occasional lunch club. [It] provides funded early education for two, three and four year-old children.

Ofsted criticised the pre-school, saying:

Staff do not maintain an accurate record of the times of children’s attendance as required.

Staff are not sufficiently consistent in managing children’s behaviour to help them learn right from wrong and how their actions affect others.

They also praised the pre-school, saying:

Staff know the children well and have a strong relationship with them. Children are happy and enjoy a good range of activities that help to support their ongoing learning and development.

Outcomes for children are good.

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