26 December – Stink pipes we have spotted

The Pheasant

The Whitley Pump collection of Reading stink pipes started with a reader’s enquiry about the unidentified pipe or pole near the Pheasant where Southampton Street and Mount Pleasant meet.

This was our first stink pipe and since then we have encountered examples all over Reading. The styles range from the purely functional to highly decorative works of industrial art and are in varying degrees of decay and decrepitude.

The Whitley Pump is grateful to readers and contributors who have sent in photographs of surviving stink pipes and spotted their locations. We thought it was time to put the 18 that we know about onto a map so that they can be explored and enjoyed.

Click on the flag on the map for a link to the original article.

One of the attendees on our Heritage Open Days walks in 2017 noticed that an old postcard (below) of the Whitley Pump circa 1910 also showed a stink pipe, competing for attention among the tram poles and lamp posts.

Whitley Pump c. 1910

Looking at the map, it is clear that there are some areas of Reading which we have not covered and we are sure that there are more stinkpipes remaining to be spotted. If you are ever exploring beyond the Katesgrove border to the fringes of the borough boundary please let us know, using the comments box below, if you find any stink pipes.

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