Review of polling stations has started

The returning officer for Reading has begun his review of Reading’s polling stations and changes could be coming to Katesgrove and Whitley ward polling arrangements. 

Reading Borough Council (RBC) policy commitee on 26 November approved plans to complete the review of polling districts and polling stations by March next year.


The polling place at the Christchurch Centre, part of New Christ Church Primary School, on Milman Road is home to two Katesgrove polling stations. This could reduce to one as only 1,579 electors voted there in person. The returning officer also notes that parking is very restricted.


Because of all the new developments in Whitley ward on the west of the A33 it is expected that a new polling place will be needed there.

This process is separate from a review of ward boundaries which the Local Government Boundary Commission plan to do in 2019/20.

A public consultation on polling districts and polling places will commence on 3 December and close on 3 January 2019.

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One thought on “Review of polling stations has started

  1. Voting at Katesgove School used to be nice and easy, just walk down Sherman Rd into Francis St and then Dorothy St and there it was. Now it’s a winding twisty journey through the northern extremities of the school. And as the poet, Henry Reed, so eloquently put it in “Chard Witlow”:

    ‘As we get older, we none of us get any younger.’


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