Help from the council with keeping warm this winter

By Jason Hilbourne.

Winter Watch is a scheme run by Reading Borough Council, together with local voluntary and health services, to help vulnerable people deal with the cold during the winter.

Winter Watch is available to Reading residents who are on a low income and are over 60, or have very young children, a disability or health concerns, or who have never lived independently, or who struggle financially.

Winter Watch can:

  • give general energy advice,
  • explain energy bills and show how to submit meter readings,
  • add residents to energy companies’ priority list,
  • advise on smart meters and explain how they work,
  • apply for the £140 warm homes discount,
  • help switch energy suppliers,
  • give emergency credit in times of crisis,
  • help set up complicated heating timers,
  • advise on running costs of household appliances,
  • advise on pay-as-you-go meters and explaining what each screen means,
  • help manage large energy debts,
  • lend heating equipment,
  • give guides on saving money and energy,
  • help with draft-proofing.

You can apply for Winter Watch until 31 March 2019 by phoning the council on 01189 373747 or emailing

This article was originally published by the Reading Neighbourhood Network.

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