Reading features in London exhibition

On a day in London this week, two Whitley Pump contributors ambling down Euston Road decided to investigate an exhibition in the crypt of St Pancras parish church. They discovered Reading images, maps and artefacts staring back at them.

Christchurch Meadows, alongside the Thames in Reading, feature in Sarah Read‘s work ‘Awa (River)’. It is composed of fishing line, beads, objects found while she was running the Thames Path in Reading and digital images.

It was part of ‘Te Ao Hurihuri : Every Changing World‘,  a collaboration between two jewellery collectives; Handshake, based in New Zealand and Dialogue Collective in the UK.

The exhibition takes the 250 year anniversary of Captain James Cook‘s first voyage as its inspiration to “…navigate around the impact of colonialism to create a bejewelled voyage like no other.”

The Crypt Gallery is a very atmospheric location for this exhibition, with alcoves and passeageways producing a variety of different possibilities for the display of 2D and 3D artworks and the sound of the sea playing in the background.

The 22 jewellery artists were asked to document a journey and produce a display or artwork to:

• create a single or group of artefacts, objects and/or jewellery that are a response to, or are ‘found’, on the artist created voyage
• a route/map or the equivalent of the artist journey
• supporting documentation that may include a diary, letters, photo journal, video, found objects/materials, etc.

Sarah Read emigrated to New Zealand 20 years ago and is temporarily based in the UK.

Other Handshake artists are: Becky Bliss, Nadene Carr, Sharon Fitness, Jen Laracy, Kelly McDonald, Neke Moa, Caroline Thomas, Sarah Walker-Holt, Rebecca Yeats and Keri-Mei Zagrobelna featuring: Sandy Connon.

Dialogue Collective artists are: Petra Bishai, Isabelle Busnel, Jo Garner, Velvet Hart, Victoria King, Timothy Information Limited, Maarit Liukkonen, Annelise Pfeiffer, Maud Traon, Sorcha Wharf and Anet Wrobel.

This fascinating and magical exhibition ends today Saturday 27 October at 7.30pm.

The Greek revival St Pancras church itself is unmissable along Euston Road with its caryatids and imposing tower, based on the tower of the winds. In the garden are two massive sculptures ‘Alien’ and ‘Brothers’, by David Breuer-Weil.

The Katesgrove Konnection, is tentative on this occasion; however a few steps from the Whitley Pump is our own Christ Church and the Christchurch Conservation Area.

  1. The Crypt Gallery
  2. Te Ao Hurihuri : An everchanging world
  3. Handshake
  4. 3D tour of the Crypt Gallery
  5. St Pancras Church