The Big Bang Tidy

By Matthew Davies, aged 33⅓.

HATYM and Uncle Peanut at the After Dark club. Photo by permission (c) Musical Bear Records.

Pete Brookes of Uncle Peanut fame curated a Big Untidy evening of music at the Rising Sun Arts Centre on 14 September. Despite the untidy name of the evening, Pete pulled off a blinder; all the acts worked together and it made perfect sense.

Pete is the sole member of Uncle Peanut. He regularly collaborates with Jay from Here Are the Young Men (HATYM), who is also signed to Musical Bear Records. Together, they form the super group Here Are the Young Men (and Uncle Peanut). The lads met over a love of shared interests and have released several albums together. Jay is responsible for providing the background music or dropping the beats, and Pete spits words with Jay occasionally providing vocals.

For anyone unfamiliar with their work, you could draw comparisons with Sleaford Mods, and hipsters most definitely stole their look. Their music can be found at Deezer, Spotify and Youtube. There are even recordings of their Get In The Back of The Van outings, which sounded quite the experience.

HAYTM and Uncle Peanut. Video (c) Jasonrockcity via Youtube

Although I didn’t get to the Rising Sun in time for the start of HATYM (and Uncle Peanut)’s opening set, I did hear most of their banging tunes. They presented us with a boisterous, energetic sound and skewed-yet-on-point lyrical observations of the world. I’ve seen them twice already, in their record label’s show at the After Dark and as a support act in SUB89.

Next up were C*LT who are two young lads from up north (Leeds, to be precise) playing their first ever gig darn sarf. Their whole set was a rowdy, edgy trip filled with high energy, samples, great guitar work, lyrics written from their own perspective on the world, as well as life experiences and a professed love of The Big Bang Theory.

C*LT via Soundcloud

After this, Pawnbroker put on a flowing 26 minute set with Pete on piano. They were backed by ethereal and out-of-this-world video and audio; the perfect antidote to acts before and after. I’ve never seen or experienced a performance like it before; really engaging and it could only really be appreciated sitting down, saving applause until the end; don’t clap all the time though otherwise you’ll have sore hands and ruin it for everyone else!

The Pawnbroker. Video (c) Pawnbroker via Youtube

The final act of the night, Frauds, are two guys from Croydon playing drums and guitar as well as providing vocals for their tracks; it sounded like there were a lot more of them. The backdrop was Nigel Farage with an empty pint glass on his head – artwork for the release of their new single – and one of their songs was called Putin’s Day Off. This sounded pretty epic; they definitely injected some life into proceedings after the much-needed introspective and thoughtful lull; everyone was getting down to their sound which sounded like a band called Clutch, a personal favourite, who have a new album out called the Book of Bad Decisions.

Frauds via Soundcloud.

In between each act, Pete read out some rather charming poetry filled with imagery that definitely sticks in the mind about the life and times of the inhabitants of Peanut Town.

The night was rounded off with a finale with all the artists who played that night collaborating on HATYM (and Uncle Peanut)’s more well-known songs including Nobbers and Mark E Smith’s Still Doing the Fall.

This evening of entertainment only cost me a fiver and I feel so much better for it; what a show, what an experience! What would I have to have done otherwise to come into contact with these personally selected bands and what would I do without live music? Especially local acts now more than ever.

HAYTM and Uncle Peanut. Video (c) Musical Bear Records via Youtube.

This is an article written in tribute to regular contributor Matthew Farrall who encouraged me to cover a live gig after I provided a few pointers for a jointly attended show at the After Dark club, but I didn’t get round to it. I hope he would have approved of this review and he definitely would have enjoyed the evening’s entertainment.

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