Matthew Farrall charity gig at Readipop on 22 September

Club Velocity will present a charity gig in memory of Matthew Farrall on 22 September. Matthew, who died in April 2018, was an enthusiastic Whitley resident, Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA) trustee, Explore Reading and Whitley Pump contributor.

Funds raised from the charity gig will go towards the Matthew Farrall defibrillator fund and the concert will include performances from some of Matthew’s favourite local bands, including the Rumpo Kidz, Harroland, Kill Committee and Dino’s.

The WCDA has already raised enough money in memory of Matthew to install two public access defibrillators and they expect the charity gig will raise enough for a third.

Advance tickets cost £7 and the gig starts at 7.30pm on Saturday 22 September at the Readipop studios, unit 35 Milford Road, Reading RG1 8LG.

Matthew on Harroland

Harroland are melodic and tuneful, and lyrically they take a principled stand against the vagaries and anxieties of the modern world.

Melodic anxiety and tuneful paranoia with Harroland, April 2018.

They are a subversive, hard to categorise Reading indie-rock four-piece with singing siblings. Their melodic synthy sound with guitars, keyboards and drums has a slightly dark and haunting feel, but they aren’t overtly miserable either.

After Dark Club showcases Reading’s best new bands, March 2018.

Tracks (c) Harroland via Soundcloud

Matthew on the Rumpo Kidz

The Rumpo Kidz, decked in cowboy hats and country music clothes, started with a punk flavoured version of Jackson which sounded like a freight train running through IKEA.

Like a restaurant bill or a group of goths in a dark cellar, the Rumpos are impossible to count or number; their risk assessment must include the wearing of steel toe caps in smaller venues as they are so tightly packed on stage.

Katesgrove talent shines on a rainy night in Basingstoke, February 2018.

Video (c) Rumpo Kidz via Youtube.

Matthew on Kill Committee

They are a serious sort of band who remain fairly but confidently static but with no obvious shoe-gazing. They get under your skin with some excellent musicianship and walls-of-guitar sound with some great drive from the drums. Their songs are tight and kind of tense with some clever lyrics.

Live at the After Dark Club, December 2017.

Video (c) Jasonrockcity via Youtube

Matthew on Readipop

It may be on the far side of a dank, neighbourless industrial estate but for a fiver or so you can hear and see some great live music in an authentic, kind of edgy setting. It was pretty cold in there so most folk kept their coat on but hey, that was just part of the fun! Live music is the best night out and you don’t need a comfy sofa or fancy heating.

Readipop’s Facebook page, March 2018.

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