Leaking water main fixed at the Tank

In the fine print of Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) consultation on prioritising projects which will benefit from a 15% share of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), is the statement “flooding issue now resolved” at the Tank on Spring Gardens.

The Whitley Pump asked RBC what it meant and were told that Thames Water have now repaired a leaking water main which was causing the problem.

At the end of last year the eastern end of the tank had the makings of a boggy water garden (pictured above) and we mused that the ‘spring’ in Spring Gardens may have re-appeared.

This is now disappearing along with the water loving grasses that were growing there and it is possible to use the running and cycling path again.

The consultation on spending CIL, which is collected from developers based on the floorspace of new developments, ends on 14 September. Included in the list of proposals for south Reading (Katesgrove Whitley, Church and Redlands) is £85,000 to replace play equipment at the Tank.

  1. Katesgrove, Whitley, Church and Redlands have £419,987 to spend
  2. Katesgrove Streets – Spring Gardens
  3. RBC consultation on allocation of the neighbourhood portion of Community Infrastructure Levy

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