How Whitley Pump featured finalists did on the night at Reading Cultural Awards 2018

The big surprise on the night of 27 June was the special award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Arts’ which was won by the Rising Sun Arts Centre on Silver Street (pictured above). For the expected awards, the Whitley Pump had featured at least one of the finalists in each of the twelve categories of this year’s Reading Cultural Awards.

The twelve categories, and the events and acts which we featured, are in the table below with the winners.

Category 2018 finalists
Reading Place of Culture Ambassador Award Reading Between the Lines Theatre Company WINNER


Performance of the Year Matilda the Empress, Reading Between the Lines (won by Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra for ‘Schumann at the Station’)
Festival of the Year Reading on Thames Festival (won by AYL? Festival – after this year’s nomination closed we reviewed Are You Listening to Idles?)
Young Talent of the Year – under 25 John Madejski Academy (Performing Arts) WINNER
Cultural Space of the Year Rising Sun Arts Centre (won by the Oracle shopping centre)
Partnership of the Year Being Gordon Greenidge, South Streets Arts Centre, Department of Film, Theatre & Television at University of Reading, the Barbados and Friends Association of Reading (BAFA) and Reading School (won by ZAP magazine)
Visual Arts Event of the Year Reading International (won by Open for Art curated by Jelly)
Cultural Organisation of the Year Reading Between the Lines theatre company WINNER
Best Education Project John Madejski Academy (won by ‘Around the World in 80 Washing Lines‘ by Mahlia Amatina)
The Made in Reading Award Being Gordon Greenidge, South Street Arts Centre & Benedict Sandiford WINNER

Lilies for Oscar Wilde, Reading Museum, Jelly, Reading Guild of Artists, Two Rivers Press

Business Champion of the Arts Reading Buses WINNER
Celebrating Reading’s Heritage The Shady Side of Town, Reading Tree Wardens and Two Rivers Press WINNER

Lilies for Oscar Wilde, Reading Museum, Jelly, Reading Guild of Artists, Two Rivers Press

Reading Museum/ Reading Abbey Quarter

There may have been a few surprises there, but it has been a very good year for arts and culture in our part of town.

  1. Reading Between the Lines – reviews and other news
  2. Matilda the Empress at St James’ Church
  3. Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra
  4. Reading-on-Thames Festival: What’s in it for Katesgrove-on-Kennet?
  5. Are You Listening? Festival
  6. John Madejski Academy – performing arts reviews and other news
  7. Rising Sun Arts Centre – reviews and other stories
  8. Mahlia Amatina
  9. The Gordon Greenidge Story – 214* – Review
  10. Jelly
  11. Be enchanted by Abel Auer at the Rising Sun Arts Centre
  12. Bouquet at Haslams for Oscar Wilde
  13. You can bid for an Oscar Wilde Lily
  14. Jelly bus stop
  15. The Shady Side of Town book review
  16. Reading Museum opens new Abbey gallery
  17. Reading Museum – exhibitions and other news
  18. Reading Cultural Awards 2018
  19. Reading Place of Culture – full list of finalists



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