Crown Street / Southampton Street billboards

Public Notices

Blue and white billboards appeared on Tuesday evening at the corner of Crown Street and Southampton Street. They are part of a Reading:International project ‘A Reproduction of three weeks in May 1970.’

These and other billboards have been organised by NOVEL, which is described as ‘an itinerant curatorial and publishing platform devised by Alun Rowlands and Matt Williams’. The launch event takes place on Thursday 14 June 6-9pm at Openhand Openspace at 571, Oxford Road, RG30 1HL.

‘A Reproduction’ takes its cue from a work by Rita Donagh ‘A Reflection on three weeks in May 1970‘ which she produced in 1971 while she was working at Reading University. This was a performance piece based on the shooting of four students in a protest at Kent State University in 1970.

The Katesgrove site selected for the ‘Public Notices’ was famous as the location for V Norris and a row of other derelict shops which were demolished in 2013. The hoardings put up to shield the site were later painted with murals which have now been painted over and replaced.

  1. Reading International
  2. NOVEL
  3. Openhand Openspace
  4. A Reflection on three weeks in May 1970
  5. Kent State shootings

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