How Reading East and Reading West MPs voted in the European Union (withdrawal) Bill debate

12 June was a big day in the House of Commons for Brexit as the debate and voting took place on a long list of amendments proposed by the House of Lords.

The constituency border between Reading East and Reading West, and consequently the border between opposition (Labour) and Government (Conservative), puts Whitley Ward in Reading West and all other south Reading Wards in Reading East. The boundary runs down the Kennet before diving east along Rose Kiln Lane and Long Barn Lane and then south down Northumberland Avenue.

In the 12 June debate Alok Sharma (Conservative, Reading West) and Matt Rodda (Labour, Reading East) voted the opposite way on 11 occasions. In the final division Matt Rodda did not vote.


A vote can take place at any point in a debate (a ‘division’). You need to review the context of each vote to understand what was being voted on. In divisions 166 to 176, the government disagreed with single House of Lords amendments and so MPs were asked to ‘agree to disagree’. In division 177 the government accepted a list of Lords amendments.

Division Matt Rodda
Reading East
Alok Sharma
Reading West
division 166 No Aye ayes 324 and noes 302
division 167 No Aye ayes 325 and noes 304
division 168 No Aye ayes 326 and noes 301
division 169 No Aye ayes 324 and noes 302
division 170 No Aye ayes 328 and noes 297
division 171 No Aye ayes 324 and noes 298
division 172 No Aye ayes 326 and noes 301
division 173 No Aye ayes 320 and noes 305
division 174 No Aye ayes 322 and noes 306
division 175 No Aye ayes 317 and noes 306
division 176 No Aye ayes 321 and noes 305
division 177 Did not vote Aye ayes 321 and noes 40

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