Whiteknights Studio Trail 2018

This year’s Whiteknights Studio Trail takes place on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June and includes three artists, Carole Stephens, Linda Saul and Mark Ripley who are exhibiting at Christ Church (venue 22), the closest venue to the Whitley Pump.

Carole Stephens will be exhibiting prints and mixed media works, Linda Saul mixed media painting and Mark Ripley will be showing items of bespoke furniture. Christ Church offers refreshments and toilets and is wheelchair accessible.

Further along Christchurch Road, Rukshi Brownlow will display her paintings and prints at 14 Cintra Avenue (venue 21).

The Progress Theatre has exhibits by Michael Garaway who will be giving demonstrations. The venue has refreshments, toilets and is wheelchair accessible. Do not leave without noticing Katesgrove artist Robert Fitzmaurice’s mildmaypalmer above the box office which was part of his Wordup! collaboration with Peter Driver in 2016.

There are two locations (venues 19 and 20) on the Mount where Salvo Toscano is showing his photographs and Helen Westhrop her mixed media works.

At 85 Christchurch Road (venue 17) Jenny Halstead, Christine Brewster and Louise Vaessen-Walker will have painting and drawing, basket making and jewellery.

It is worth walking on a little further to 64 Elmhurst Road (venue 12) to see sculpture, painting and drawing from Sadie Brockbank and Celeste Kelly before moving on to New Road.

Two Rivers Press and Sally Castle are at 24 New Road (venue 15) and guest artist Claire Wilkinson is at 40 (venue 14) with Caroline Marriott exhibiting jewellery and textiles.

Venue 16, the Barn, rounds off the venues west of Reading University, which is also approached from New Road. Here you will find Joy Frey’s prints and Ursula Waechter’s ceramics.

Do not leave New Road without spotting the stinkpipe.

Local artist Tom Cartmill will be at Leighton Park School (venue 11) with Sam Heath, resident artist at the school.

From here you can stray further beyond Katesgrove through the university campus to visit other studios on the trail and the Department of Art Degree Show. There is a total of 22 venues and 36 artists participating in the event this year.

Whiteknights Studio Trail runs 11am to 6pm on Saturday 9 June and Sunday 10 June. Works will be on sale and the brochure promises that artists will be available to discuss their work and processes and take commissions.

  1. Whiteknights Studio Trail 2018
  2. Christ Church, Reading
  3. Mark Ripley
  4. Linda Saul
  5. Rukshi Brownlow
  6. New Art Gallery opens in Whitley
  7. Michael Garaway 
  8. Katesgrove artist Robert Fitzmaurice and Peter Driver collaborate in Wordup!
  9. Salvo Toscano
  10. Jenny Halstead
  11. Christine Brewster
  12. Louise Vaessen-Walker
  13. Sadie Brockbank
  14. Two Rivers Press
  15. Sally Castle
  16. Caroline Marriott
  17. Ursula Waechter
  18. Joy Frey at the Print in the Park website
  19. Tom Cartmill
  20. Sam Heath
  21. Reading University School of Art