“My In-laws are Outlaws” at the Shinfield Players in June

The Shinfield Players are performing My In-laws are Outlaws at their theatre on Whitley Wood Lane, RG2 9DF at 7.45pm from 6 until 9 June.

This comedy is about mild mannered librarian Annie, who finds herself fighting off Russian, Irish and Italian contract killers at various levels of competency who have been employed by her in-laws during a dysfunctional family visit.

The Shinfield Players say:

Throw in guns, bullets, Russian nesting dolls, knives, a severed finger, the need for body disposal and a hand grenade, and you have an outrageous, laugh out loud, highly entertaining comedy.

“The characters are unapologetically stereotypical and should be played with gusto and a good deal of fun,” said the author of the play Devon Williamson. “Accents should be thick and are allowed to wander; costumes should be out of gangster movies and emotions played enthusiastically by the actors. If you are not having fun with the characters in this play, then you are missing the point.”