Whitley Park primary school “requires improvement” says OFSTED

OFSTED, the UK government’s office for standards in education, reported this month that Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School on Brixham Road “requires improvement“, saying that the quality of teaching is not consistently good.

Amongst other criticisms, OFSTED said:

The progress pupils make across the school is variable.

Teachers do not consistently match work to the needs of pupils.

The attendance of some pupils is low.

Skills in writing are not well enough developed.

Additional funding for disadvantaged pupils is not spent well enough to ensure that disadvantaged pupils do as well as they could.

OFSTED said that the leaders of Whitley Park school, including head teacher Karen Salter, had identified areas needing improvement and were taking effective action to address them, adding that the school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good:

The school is a very caring and inclusive community.

Children make a good start to their learning in early years.

Pupils behave well and have good attitudes to their learning.

In June 2015, OFSTED had reported that the school was “good.”

“Whilst the overall judgement under the new OFSTED framework is disappointing for our school community, we are determined to continue our work and to make the required improvements as fully and swiftly as possible,” said Whitley Park head teacher Karen Salter.

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  2. Whitley Park Primary and Nursery School

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