Spot the stinkpipe – May Day edition

The first Monday in May has been a bank holiday in England, Wales and for exactly forty years, but it still feels as if we have not got used to it yet.

Unlike ‘May Day’, which is 1 May and traditionally celebrated in England with maypole dancing or morris men, the bank holiday is fixed as the first Monday in May.

To reach this stinkpipe you should start at Katesgrove’s special junction, where the road, the avenue, the lane and street meet, and go west. When you can go no further, then you have gone too far and must retrace your steps.

Use the comments box below if you know where this stinkpipe is.

This is also a Whitley Pump ‘mayday call’ because this is the last Reading stinkpipe that we know about. If you know of any others, then please email us at

The stinkpipe plot where our quest started


7 thoughts on “Spot the stinkpipe – May Day edition

  1. No idea really though it has a sort of Caversham/ Emmer Green look to it.
    I missed the first May bank Holiday as I was slaving away in New Delhi!

    • No not Caversham/ Emmer Green; this one is south of The Thames. I think the first bank holiday may have passed me by a bit too as I think I would have been revising for exams.

  2. Not only a stinkpipe, but an abandoned Reading Corporation Bus terminal as well!
    The original route 26 turned round there – it was abandoned in the mid 60s to enhance the Coley Park route it alternated journeys with.
    The number 26 would be revived in November 1968 for the Whitley Wood & Stations circular service.
    Anorak time!

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