Katesgrove residents asked to help save the KCA

Reading Borough Council has asked Katesgrove residents to complete a  survey about how they would like to get involved in the Katesgrove Community Association (KCA).

At their last AGM in November 2017, the KCA decided to re-organise itself into three groups, each of which concentrates on a specific area:

The  survey asks Katesgrove residents which of these groups they would like to get involved with, and if they would like to help manage the KCA noticeboards on Whitley Street, Elgar Road and Pell Street or manage the KCA Facebook page or website.

The council adds that the KCA may not be able to continue unless Katesgrove residents get involved. The survey closes on 6 May and takes a couple of minutes to complete. It is only open to people living in Katesgrove ward, in Reading, and is also available as a document that can be printed out and posted to the council.

The KCA chair Abby Knowles and treasurer Dan Knowles will step down at the next meeting, which will be held at the Waterloo Children’s Centre, Elgar Road on Wednesday 9 May at 7pm.

You can work out what Reading ward you are in through the RBC website.

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