Find out about the Whitley million at the WCDA open evening on 11 April

From L: Micky Leng, Chris Bloomfield, Steve Kirby (back), Imke Wilson (with book, front), Ian Holt (red shirt, at back), Trisha Bennett (with scarf, front), Charles Carrington (with hat, back), Matthew Farrall (striped shirt, front), Liz Grugeon, Derek Chapman.

The Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA) will hold an open evening, from 6.30pm until 7.30pm on Wednesday 11 April.

The WCDA will be giving an update on their spending and showcasing their projects, such as the marvellous mums group and the community radio station. Attendees will also learn how to become a paid Whitley researcher and how to join the social club.

The WCDA was set up to manage a million pounds granted in 2015 as part of the Big Local project by the Local Trust, a charity funded by the National Lottery.

Everyone is invited to the open evening, which will be held at the Whitley Social Club and Café, 252 Northumberland Avenue, RG2 7QA. The bar will be open and refreshments will be available.


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