Alpine Street grit bin threatened in latest round of council savings

Reading Borough Council (RBC) propose to save £16,000 next year by ending the provision of grit bins in key locations across the town, including at the junction of Alpine Street and Elgar Road.

Alpine Street is one of only 47 public grit bins in Reading and the only grit bin in Katesgrove. The steep street deserves its winter VIP status as it meets the criteria set out in the Winter service plan:

  • it’s not on a road already on the gritting network or near a grit bin,
  • it has a gradient greater than 10%,
  • there are severe bends not including junctions,
  • it’s near to and falling towards a heavily trafficked main road,
  • there are premises for which the road is only access,
  • there is traffic density at peak times,
  • it’s a road with high vehicle usage and a gradient of 10% or more,
  • it’s a shaded carriageway with a minimum gradient of 10%,
  • it’s a side road leading onto a main road,
  • there are known problem with water or frost hollows,
  • there is access available from carriageway for filling.

The Whitley Pump will miss you, grit bin!

This and a long list of other savings will be considered at the next RBC policy committee meeting on Monday 19 February at 6.30pm at the Civic Offices, Bridge Street, Reading, RG1 2LU. The meeting is expected to be webcast.

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