Katesgrove Primary school headteacher very pleased with Ofsted report

The executive headteacher of Katesgrove Primary School, Mrs Lisa Telling, said she is pleased that Ofsted complimented the school’s “friendly, calm, nurturing atmosphere” in their latest report.

The Ofsted report said that teaching is good at Katesgrove Primary School, pupil outcomes are significantly improving, and disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs are well supported. It added that pupils feel safe, behave well, and work and play together regardless of age, gender or background.

Headteacher Mrs Telling said:

We are very pleased that Katesgrove has maintained the rating of ‘Good’ at our recent inspection and we are proud that Ofsted has seen the many strengths within our school, particularly in relation to our pupils that speak English as an additional language and the recognition that pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain. Everyone has worked hard to ensure that all Katesgrove pupils receive a good level of education and focus is already being given to the suggestions for improvement.

The Ofsted report has arrived at a very exciting time for Katesgrove, as we embark on a federation with Southcote Primary, another local school that also received a ‘Good’ from Ofsted, at their recent inspection. The federation will provide opportunities to the entire school community along with reassurance that both schools will continue to do their best for all pupils.

I am particularly proud that Ofsted recognised “there is a friendly, calm, nurturing atmosphere around the school. Although the school is made up of four separate buildings, there is no doubt that this is one school with shared values and goals.”

The Ofsted inspectors recognised all of the improvements that have been made over the past two years. We always welcome input from other educational professionals and the staff and governors will continue to work together to improve the education for the children at our school.

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