Two Reading Borough Council consultations end in January

Reading Borough Council (RBC) has two ongoing consultations with January deadlines.

The consultation on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) ends on 22 January 2018.

RBC say that they are considering the introduction of PSPOs in relation to:

  • begging,
  • nuisance busking,
  • dog control and fouling,
  • drug taking in a public place,
  • public urination and defecation,
  • street drinking,
  • motorbike nuisance,
  • ollegal mooring.

Complete the online survey to have your say on whether you agree with the proposals and where, if at all, in Reading you think they should be applied.

RBC is also requesting representations on the Pre-submission Draft of the New Local Plan, which ends on 26 January 2018. To comment on this version of the plan, follow the instructions in the guidance notes on the New Local Plan web page.

  1. Reading Borough Council would like your views on Public Space Protection Orders
  2. Public Space Protection Order proposed for parts of Katesgrove
  3. Latest on Reading’s New Local Plan
  4. New Local Plan

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