Church ward crime statistics for October 2017

Overall reported crime in Church ward has decreased 2% between the 12 months ending October 2016 and the 12 months ending October 2017, according to crime statistics released by the Home Office.

This table shows the same data as the graph, with a total at the bottom.

Category November 2015 to October 2016 November 2016 to October 2017 % change between October 2016 and October 2017
Anti social behaviour 181 186 3
Violent crime and sexual offences 190 171 -10
Criminal damage arson 113 98 -13
Other theft 67 69 3
Vehicle crime 55 60 9
Burglary 51 54 6
Bicycle theft 36 44 22
Shoplifting 30 37 23
Public order 22 18 -18
Drugs 28 18 -36
Other crime 10 14 40
Possession of weapons 5 6 20
Theft from the person 11 6 -45
Robbery 6 5 -17
Total 805 786 -2

Notes about the data.

  1. Data is sourced from who say this data is subject to alteration, and locations are approximated.
  2. Minor discrepancies in per-area totals between the police mapping tool and that shown here are usually because a crimes anonymised location is given as the middle of a public road forming the boundary between two areas.
  3. Changes in crime numbers may be artefactual; a change in category definitions or reporting protocols, for example.
  4. Data may be released with more than a months delay. The data shown here is the most recently released at the time of publication.
  5. Police neighbourhood boundaries may change each month and are not the same as ward boundaries. This article uses the more stable ward boundaries.

  1. Neighbourhood crime statistics
  2. Source data

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