Proposed changes to council tax support scheme

Reading Borough Council (RBC) are strapped for cash and so are proposing to reduce council tax support (CTS) from April 2018. The changes are subject to a public consultation which closes on 1 January 2018.

RBC say:

We will consider all of the feedback we receive when finalising our CTS scheme. We can implement more than one option or vary the scheme depending on the feedback we receive. The Council will make a final decision on the scheme before 31 January 2018

The proposals that are being consulted on include:

  • reducing the maximum council tax discount for working age customers from 75% to 65%,
  • reducing the maximum capital limit of council tax support applicants from £6000 to £3000,
  • changing deductions made for ‘non-dependants’, such as elderly relatives who normally live with people receiving CTS,
  • changing how long CTS continues for after a claimant takes up Universal Credit.

There is also the opportunity to make general comments on cuts to the council tax support scheme.

  1. Consultation on Council Tax Support Scheme
  2. RBC page on Council Tax Support

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