Reading Borough Council would like your views on Public Space Protection Orders

Reading Borough Council (RBC) has begun a consultation on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). The deadline to contribute to the consultation is 22 January 2018.

RBC say:

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Police and Crime Act 2014 introduced new powers on the 20th October 2014 for dealing with local neighbourhood issues. Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) were introduced as one of the tools and are designed to improve public safety in a defined area.

Councillors agreed that the proposals for new PSPOs in Reading should be consulted on when the Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure Committee met in November.

The neighbourhood issues that the restrictions aim to control are:

  • begging,
  • busking,
  • dog control,
  • drug activity,
  • public urination and defecation,
  • street drinking,
  • litter,
  • motorbike nuisance,
  • mooring.

The consultation is in the form of online survey. There is a general question about how big a problem you think each of the issues are which is followed by a section for each proposal.

For example, in relation to drug related activity, which has been a concern of residents in parts of Katesgrove, the PSPO proposed by RBC for consultation states:

We are proposing the following condition to tackle drug related activity in Reading:

  • No person shall ingest, inhale, inject, smoke, possess or otherwise use intoxicating substances in a public place.

(Intoxicating Substances is given the following definition: any Psychoactive Substances i.e. substances with the capacity to stimulate or depress the central nervous system, excluding alcohol. Alcohol would be covered separately in the Street Drinking Restriction).

Busking controls are proposed in the town centre which would be enforced by Reading UK CIC, the community interest company which “…exists to boost business and enhance visitor experiences in a  way that improves the quality of life for all in the region.”

The condition states:

No person shall perform any type of street entertainment (also known as busking, which includes amplified or unamplified music & singing) that may cause a nuisance to nearby premises or members of the public within Reading Town Centre. This includes obstructing the highway or shop entrances, using street furniture including public seats, lamp posts, statues and railings, unless registered to do so by Reading UK CIC.

Consultees are asked if, for each of the nine conditions, they agree with it or why they do not and where in the Borough it should be applied.

  1. Consultation on PSPOs
  2. Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure Committee 15 November 2017 – papers & webcast
  3. Public Space Protection Order proposed for parts of Katesgrove
  4. CCTV camera to be set up in Katesgrove Lane to tackle drug abuse
  5. Reading UK CIC

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