Campaign to save Reading’s heritage lamp posts

Earlier this year there was a campaign to save Reading’s cast iron heritage lamp posts by the Bell Tower Community Association. There is now a ‘Love your lamp post‘ website. This has a map of streets where 400 old columns are thought to be so that you can track down those in your local area.

The lamp posts are under threat from replacement by new ones when LED lighting is introduced but some can and have been converted to take LED lights. The website says:

These old lamp posts aren’t automatically rendered obsolete by LED technology. Many of them originally supported old-fashioned gas lamps and were converted to electricity during the 20th century by adding a swan neck bracket – and they can all be converted to take LED lighting.

Many of the oldest fluted columns were made by Reading iron foundries including the Reading Ironworks Ltd on Katesgrove Lane. More modern streets such as in South Reading have reproduction Revo lamp posts which date from about the middle of the twentieth century.

The campaign also want to save these and there are examples of how to ‘Spot the lamp post!‘ on the website. One example even reigns supreme over its own mini roundabout (pictured above).

The two lamp posts closest to the Whitley Pump are in the Christchurch Conservation Area.

You can contact the campaign online via the website or by email to and you can send them photographs of your favourite lamp post.

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