Giant Maps of Reading in New Christ Church Primary school

Cathy and Dot with modern Ordnance Survey Map of Reading

Earlier this year the New Christ Church Primary School entered a competition run by Redcliffe Imaging Ltd, a Bristol-based company who produce wall murals. As part of the entry, the school explained that, with their 150th anniversary coming up, they would really love to have a copy of the 1880 map of Reading which showed the school and its surrounding area.

Cathy Doberska, the school’s head teacher, said that they “were delighted when the company contacted them in May to say that they had been selected as winners and that they would also be receiving a copy of the modern Ordnance Survey map.”

The school hall was refurbished over the summer and the maps were installed on the walls of the hall over the October half term by Cathy and husband using their amazing wallpapering skills.

The school was founded as Christ Church National School in 1868 and was one of the first buildings in Milman Road. Cathy is pleased that the maps “look absolutely fabulous and the children have really enjoyed finding their homes on the modern map then looking to see what was there when the school was first built”.

Cathy and Dot with the 1880 map of Reading

Dot Wylde, a former school dinner lady, governor and parent of five grown-up children who all attended the school, recently visited with the Whitley Pump to see the maps. We were given a tour around the school and saw the classrooms and the results of recent building improvements. We appreciated how the school uses the space of this 150 year old building and the new extension next door very creatively for the benefit of pupils, teaching staff and others working there.

Jo Burr from Redcliffe Imaging told the school that “it was a pleasure to supply the two wallpaper maps for the New Christ Church CE Primary School, and we are so pleased it will be an interest point for the children (past and present) of the school.”

  1. New Christ Church Primary School
  2. Redcliffe Imaging Ltd

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