Matilda the Empress escapes Oxford, by Katesgrove artist Robert Fitzmaurice

Matilda, barefoot, escapes Oxford. Mixed media, 11″ x 8″. Robert Fitzmaurice 2017

Katesgrove artist Robert Fitzmaurice has produced an artwork inspired by Empress Matilda’s dramatic escape from Oxford Castle on a freezing cold, snowy night,dressed in white.

The event took place after the death of Henry I during the civil war between Matilda the Empress and King Stephen. Oxford Castle was besieged by Stephen’s forces for three months in 1142 and by December supplies were running out. Matilda escaped to safety across the frozen river Isis, and soon afterwards the garrison surrendered.

Matilda, barefoot, escapes Oxford‘ is on show at St James’ Church during performances of Matilda the Empress.

There are two versions of the image; one framed under glass is for sale at £305, the other mounted and wrapped is £260.

  1. Robert Fitzmaurice
  2. Matilda the Empress at St James’ Church
  3. Henry I by local artist Robert Fitzmaurice