History published of Philbrick’s tannery on Katesgrove Lane

County Lock Photograph c.1898; Philbrick’s Tannery is on the right with the Louvred Windows – courtesy Reading LIbrary

The 2017 edition of ‘Berkshire Old & New’, the journal of the Berkshire Local History Association, includes a history of Philbrick’s tannery on Katesgrove Lane.

The article expands on material originally published in The Whitley Pump.

Also in the journal is a history of Wallingford’s malting industry by David E Pedgeley. Copies are priced at £3 and are available from the Berkshire Record Office.

  1. Berkshire Local History Association
  2. Smells of Katesgrove – Philbrick’s Tannery
  3. Berkshire Record Office
  4. Katesgrovians in Reading Old cemetery – John and Eliza Philbrick
  5. Katesgrovians in Caversham old cemetery – Charles Philbrick

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