Spot the stinkpipe – Heritage Open Days edition

The Whitley Pump team used an image of the real Whitley Pump c.1910 in an information sheet for our walk around Christchurch conservation area on Saturday 9 September.

One of the people on our walk noticed a stinkpipe in the picture hiding amongst the tram poles, lamp posts and trees behind the pump. This was a rather fine and slender pipe with a crown on top! The houses in the postcard on Christchurch Road are now part of the Christchurch conservation area.

The walk around Christchurch Conservation Area was one of three walks that the Whitley Pump put on for Heritage Open Days 2017.  We would like to thank everyone who came on the walk and made it a success. We are looking forward to doing something similar next year.

  1. Whitley Pump tours for Heritage Open Days 2017
  2. Conserving Katesgrove – an Introduction to Christchurch Conservation Area
  3. Reading Conservation Areas

One thought on “Spot the stinkpipe – Heritage Open Days edition

  1. This is probably not a good thing to say when Reading is having enough difficulty conserving its existing conservation areas but surely what we might call the heart of Katesgrove east of Southampton St from Waldeck Street down to Katesgrove School represents an important example of a late Victorian village (my house is 1882 but regrettably tampered with) worthy of conservation. The appalling mess that is 84 Pell Street is an example of the creeping ruination of it.

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