Last few days of ‘All of a Twist’ at the Turbine Gallery

When the Whitley Pump visited All of a Twist at the Turbine Gallery on the River Kennet we found more than we expected of interest to those living on Katesgrove Hill.

In its own words:

… this exhibition explores the science and technology of twisty turny stuff in, on, above and beside Reading’s rivers.

The exhibition is truly multidisciplinary and ranges across art, nature, meteorology and science.

The location is perfect. Blake’s Lock pumping station was built in the 1870s to pump sewage from Reading’s Victorian sewage network to the newly constructed sewage works at Manor Farm. The pumping station on the site is still working but is no longer powered by water driven turbines.

Visitors are reminded that one of the first uses of Reading’s rivers was as a water supply, for mills and industries, and for disposal of industrial effluent and sewage.

Nature includes many examples of left handed spirals in climbing plants but honeysuckle twists to the right. Sunflower heads have left and right handed spirals.

Katesgrove Hill is popular with red kites who use their tail as well as their wings to soar above Reading on thermals.

There is also the opportunity to see a recent work by local artist Tom Cartmill.

And finally, throughout the exhibition and outside is an array of knitted and crocheted works including an amazing yarn bomb of the lamp post and dragonflies on the gates.

The Turbine Gallery is part of the Reading Museum’s Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock. On the same site is the Bel & the Dragon restaurant which has a gallery of caricatures of local celebrities and dignitaries past and present, including Marianne Faithfull.

The exhibition organised by RG spaces is open daily 10am to 6pm until 15 September 2017. It is included in the programme for the Reading on Thames festival.

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  5. Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock
  6. Bel & the Dragon restaurant
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